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Japan Whiskey Set (4 bottles) Special Offer 28% Off

Japan Whiskey Set (4 bottles) Special Offer 28% Off

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Japan Whiskey Set 4 bottles with 28% off

1. Masahiro Pure Malt Whiskey 43% 700ml

Shoguang Shuzo is the first ancient and advanced distillery in Okinawa to obtain ISO9001 certification. It uses local old sherry barrels and bourbon barrels for more than 3 years of single malt whiskey. In Jack Daniel's 1st Fill bourbon barrel (the first Secondary filling) is matured for more than half a year. Because Okinawa is blessed with the right time and place for the rapid maturation of whiskey, the long-term hot and humid climate, and the subtropical ocean monsoon, all accelerate the maturation of the whiskey and the blending of flavors. Changguang whiskey has the aroma of tropical fruits, a round and rich taste, and excellent over-age performance.

Bronze Medal (2022 WWA World Whiskey Awards)
Gold Medal (2021 SFWSC San Francisco World Spirits Competition)

Aroma: Fruit aromas such as citrus, pineapple, banana, etc., followed by a vanilla ice cream flavor with a strong and mellow sweetness. It is sweet and balanced. Once the bottle cap is opened, the aroma overflows.
Taste: The wine is light and thin, with a malty texture and a slightly irritating flavor of ginger juice and white wood.
Finish: Short and sweet, with a spicy finish.

2. Nikka From The Barrel 51.4% 500ml

Mature malt and grain whiskeys are blended and then re-casked (a process called "marriage") to create a rich harmony of distinct whiskeys.

"From the Barrel" is bottled directly from re-barrel whiskey casks and has almost the same alcohol content.

With an alcohol content of 51.4%, this whiskey has a unique character, characterized by a solid, full-bodied taste and rich aroma.

3. Shinobu Pure Malt Shinobu Pure Malt Mizunara Barrel Aged 700ml

The Ninja Whiskey No Age Mark Series is a carefully selected high-quality original whiskey from different distilleries around the world. It is first aged in sherry and bourbon barrels and matured in Japan's precious Mizunara barrels. Natural wine color with no additives.

Tasting Notes:
The wine exudes candied orange peel, toffee and sweet smoke, and the roasted hazelnuts are highlighted by unique herbs and spices. The palate is stunningly rich and full-bodied, led by fruity character, finishing with pepper and spice. (BY USC Ultimate Spirits Competition 2019)

Aroma: Vanilla, plum, mint Taste: Slightly sweet, spice, vanilla, citrus, smoky oak Finish: Medium, sweet, woody, mint

Winner List ✔︎ Silver Medal 91 points (2022 IWSC International Wine and Spirits Competition)
✔︎ Silver Medal 2020 SFWSC San Francisco World Spirits Competition ✔︎ Silver Medal 2019 WSWA US Wine and Spirits Wholesale Annual Conference ✔︎ 89 points 2019 USC Ultimate Spirits Competition

4. Mars Whiskey IWAI Trandition Blended Whiskey 750ml

A perfect balance of peated unblended whiskey and a variety of casks, such as sherry casks, with ripe cherries, honey toffee and beautiful ginger spice. This is a blended Japanese whisky, with an elegant softness and harmonious balance that you can enjoy every time you taste it.

Located between the Northern and Southern Alps of Japan, Mars Shinshu is the highest whiskey distillery in Japan, with an altitude of 798 meters. The Hombo family has been distilling for over a century. The environment of Shinshu Mars Distillery is surrounded by granite soil, crystal clear water, and the blessings of nature, creating the highest quality and high standard whiskey.

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