Shinobu Distillery:三年後又「Pure」又「Ture」的日威

Shinobu Distillery: Three years later, the Japanese power is "Pure" and "Ture"

In the early years, newly built Japanese distilleries began to release newly matured whiskey. "Akkeshi" also made an early splash with its peat style, and then "Shizuoka" came to the ground with a thunder. Both of the above are certainly valuable. "Nagahama" follows closely behind with its extremely low-yield, high-quality production that emphasizes quality but not weight. Single Mlats such as "Kanosuke", "Saburomaru" and "Sakurao" in the past three years have also performed well.

In fact, there are still many distilleries licensed to distill whiskey, and we will be able to taste a lot of new things in the next few years. Today, the editor will introduce to you the "Shinobu Distillery" located in Niigata. ————————————————————————————

Shinobu Distillery

Located in Niigata, which is famous for its snow, the melted snow from the mountains flows to the river to provide a pure water source for the distillery.

Formerly known as "Niigata Ale", it mainly produces craft beer. After obtaining the whiskey production license in 2017, the distillery's distiller, Mr. Takeru Usami, selected raw whiskeys from all over the world, mainly from Scotland, to blend them, and then matured them in Mizunara wooden barrels. ” brand whiskey for sale.

Of course, this is just the early operation mode of "Shinobu Distillery", which allows the distillery to become familiar with the production and sales of whiskey. The surprise is that "Shinobu" Blended Malt can make gains in the WWA and obtain the Category Winner of Japan's Blended Malt in 2022.

After achieving initial success, the winery purchased two small distillers of 3,000 and 2,000 liters from Germany and began distilling in 2022.

In addition, a new distillery was built, and a set of mini-stills of 2,000 and 1,500 liters were purchased. The local hot spring geothermal energy was used to provide energy, which is estimated to account for 60 to 70% of the distillery's operating consumption.

(Both sets of stills are really small.)

A quick calculation shows that the first batch of whiskey from the distillery should be released as early as 2025. Of course, it will still be blended with other original whiskeys and launched in the form of World Malt. There may also be Single Cask Single Malt, which is similar to the current method. "Nagahama", "Akkeshi", "Shizuoka", etc.


sustainable development

The construction and operation of Shinobu Distillery attaches great importance to sustainable development. In addition to using hot spring geothermal energy to provide energy as mentioned above, the distillery also installs a large number of solar panels to absorb natural energy.

In addition, the brewery processes the fermented barley grains and uses them to feed its own Wagyu cattle.


new wine

These two small bottles were sent by Shinobu Distillery. They seemed to be from the beginning of last year. They were probably still in the experimental stage at that time.

New Make

The editor of New Make rarely drinks it and has no experience.

Of course, it has a lot of miscellaneous flavors, not much saltiness, a lot of green apple peel and other dry and fruity flavors, and a solid and medium-bodied taste. It is definitely not the light fruitiness of Dornach, nor is it the umami-salty and meaty flavor of Wolfburn. More like Santis Malt, but milder and slightly more fruity.

It feels like after the foreign flavors are metabolized by the barrel, it will get a body like "Akashi", which is indeed a bit Japanese style.


Three-month-old Mizunara bucket.

There is almost no odor at all, it is very clean, and the wooden barrel brings coconut, mint, and sandalwood. All the flavors are very light and very Zen-like.

Have you ever had unripe whiskey? Some are dry, some are salty, some are rubbery, some are bitter nutty, or like a friend of mine said, banana cake.

However, the above-mentioned off-flavors in this sample are only light, and the levels are not rich and complex, but simple and elegant.

Sometimes, simplicity is not easy either.


Shinobu Distillery is currently not well-known. If you are interested in following its distillery Facebook:

This website will also continue to keep track of its winery news for everyone, and hopes to introduce its Single Malt wine to you in the near future. Maybe there will be a wine tasting party at that time.

see you then.

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