Collection: Nagahama Distillery

An exquisite small distillery with the smallest still in Japan, producing raw whisky with both character and richness.
Nagahama Distillery was established in 2016. It is the smallest existing craft distillery in Japan. It only produces 200L of New Make whisky per distillation, which can just fill one American standard barrel, so it is called "one brew and one bottle". . The winery is nestled in Ibuki Mountain and Lake Biwa, and has a unique natural well-being environment. It is close to Ibuki Mountain, one of the top 100 famous mountains in Japan. The pure natural snow water is mixed with natural minerals, and the water quality is sweet and mellow. The Nagahama Distillery has the country's smallest Alembic-type small single-type distiller, which brews a unique and rich taste. It uses the Scottish peat malt as the base and blends the malt in the local Nagahama, breaking through the framework of the single malt and making it more perfect. It deepens the roundness of the single malt whisky.
Nagahama Distillery