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Aberfeldy Distillery was founded by John Dewar & Sons, Ltd. in 1896 and opened in 1898. The winery is located on the eastern outskirts of Aberfeldy, on the south bank of the upper Tay River .

In 1972, the distillery was expanded and the old stills were replaced by four new steam-heated stills. It was later transferred to Grand Metropolitan, which became Diageo in 1997. In 1999, the Aberfeldy 12 year old single malt whisky brand was launched.

In 2000, a £3 million new distillery visitor centre was opened called Dewar's Whisky World. The aim was to market Aberfeldy products and educate the public about the brand's distillation process and history. Aberfeldy is the largest malt whisky in Dewar's blended whisky Element
Aberfeldy Whisky