Collection: Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich Distillery is a distillery on Rhinns, Islay, Scotland. The distillery mainly produces single malt Scotch whisky, but also offers artisan gin. It is owned by Rémy Cointreau and is one of nine still operating distilleries on the island.

The name Bruichladdich is an anglicization of Bruthach a' Chladaich, which in Scottish Gaelic is Brae of the Shore.

All whiskeys from the distillery are sold as single malts, with whiskeys designated as Bruichladdich as unpeated, those designated as Port Charlotte as heavily peated, and those designated as Octomore. Extra heavy peated whiskey. Octomore is considered “the world’s most peated single malt whiskey”.

The brewery went into full production in 2013. All barley used is Scottish, with some grown on Islay since 2004. The origin of the barley used is of great philosophical importance and this is increasingly reflected in the marketing and presentation of the product range. Where possible, identify the individual farm, farmer or even the field where the grain was grown on the packaging.