Collection: Longrow

Longrow Single Malt is a highly peated double-distilled whisky named after the mothballed distillery of the same name. The standard bottling has no vintage, and the vintage versions try different casks, such as tokaji and Barolo. The red edition (released annually) uses a different type of cask each year, such as Pinot noir, Malbec, and Port. Longrow won Best Campbelltown Single Malt Whisky at the 2013 World Whisky Awards.

Springbank uses peat from Islay to dry its barley (30 to 48 hours) to infuse the varying levels of smoky flavours associated with Scotch whisky.

Hazelburn receives 30 hours of hot air
Longrow receives 48 hours of peat smoke
Springbank receives 6 hours of peat smoke and 30 hours of hot air