Tinazzi: an Italian red wine brand with luxuriant branches and excellent quality.

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The brand history is not very long, but it has developed rapidly, is ambitious and has a unique vision. The brand is not satisfied with taking root in northern Italy and studying wines such as Valpolicella . Instead, it looks at the whole of Italy and constantly restores, builds or acquires vineyards or wineries.

The brand was established in Verona, Veneto, Northern Italy in 1968; ( Verona )
Acquired 'Tenuta Valleselle' in Verona as a family estate in 1986; ( Verona )
In 2002, the headquarters was established in Lazise, ​​Northern Italy, and the 'Feudo Croce' estate in Puglia, Southern Italy was acquired in the same year; ( Puglia )
In 2011, the winery located in 'San Giorgio' in Puglia, South Italy was acquired and restored; ( Puglia )
In 2014, we acquired the Poderi Campopian Manor in Valpolicella, Northern Italy, and then planted grapes; and established a Pressing Cellar in the same area; ( Verona )
In 2017, he acquired an estate in central Italy and then planted grapes;
In 2022, it acquired Tenuta Pian del Gallo and set foot in Chianti. ( Chianti )

Since Tinazzi owns manors and wineries in both northern and southern Italy, the brand has a series with a wide range of wines. In addition to the famous Ripasso and Amarone in northern Italy, there are also Primitivo and Negroamaro in southern Italy. What is even more interesting is that they The various blended wines are innovative, unique and of high quality. Even after the acquisition in 2022, we will have the opportunity to taste Tinazzi’s Chianti.

Key words:

Located to the west of Veneto in the northern region of Italy, it is the origin of the famous wine Valpolicella, and the white wine Soave is also very outstanding.

Located in the wine-growing region on the east coast of Lake Garda in northern Italy, its wines are mainly made from Corvina or mixed with other grapes (Corvinove, Rondinella).
Ordinary Valpolicella red wine has not been aged very much. It is light-bodied, has obvious tannins and acidity, and is slightly bitter. However, the quality of the more advanced Valpolicella Superiore has been significantly improved.

Amarone della Valpolicella:
Based on the above Valpolicella, the harvested grapes are dried for 3 to 4 months into raisins, crushed and fermented at low temperature for 20 to 50 days, and then the wine needs to be aged in wooden barrels.
Amarone is a rich-bodied wine with obvious aromas of jam, raisins, coffee beans, black chocolate, etc. It has low acidity and high alcohol content. It is a wine with strong and powerful flavor, highly recognizable and very popular among the public.

Valpolicella Ripasso:
It is made by adding the ordinary Valpolicella red wine in the above paragraph to the remaining lees after brewing Amarone in the same year, and then fermenting it.
Ripasso has more tannins than Amarone, is less thick-bodied, slightly higher in acidity, and more balanced.

Located in southern Italy, the grape varieties include Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera. Among them, Primitivo is the most famous and is the grape variety Zinfandel that shines in the United States.
Primitivo, located in Manduria, produces thicker, richer red wines full of blue fruit flavors, which are among the best in the region.

Years of acquisition, construction, restoration and other operations have allowed Tinazzi to develop a huge scale. Wineries and vineyards are distributed in the north and south of Italy, which is also conducive to the creation of a variety of wines by Tinazzi.

Tinazzi series


CA' de' ROCCHI: Looking internationally, showing the lighter and more elegant side of Valpolicella.

Tenuta Valleselle: Long-term barrel aging, with an obvious and strong deep style, inheriting the classics of Verona and Valpolicella.

Collezione di Tinazzi: a collection hand-selected by the Tinazzi family and designed by the company's president, Gian Andrea Tinazzi, the result of a combination of tradition and innovation.


Feudo Croce: The terroir that made President Gian Andrea Tinazzi fall in love with it, using native grape varieties to create a unique Puglia style.

San Giorgio: The winery, which was only completed in 2020, is equipped with the most advanced production system and uses a modern approach to delve into a new direction for Puglia wine.

Duca delle Corone: Clean design and relaxed tones give people a bright youthful and energetic look.

Since there are so many new wines coming to Hong Kong in the future, so as not to introduce too many wines and the article will be too long, I will introduce some currently on sale to reduce the pressure.

Tinazzi Salvego 14%

Corvina 50%, Corvinove 20%, Merlot 20%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%

It combines various grape varieties in Northern Italy and focuses on the presentation of terroir.

The typical aroma is lively, fragrant with various ripe berries, charming sweet spices, vanilla and other oak aromas. The entrance is fragrant, with a large number of red fruits, strong fruity taste, ripe black berries, ebony plums, black cherries, and wooden barrels. It brings cocoa powder, chocolate, and vanilla, combined with the smooth taste brought by tannins, and a long aftertaste.

Vivino: 4.4.

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Tinazzi Torreserro Rosso Puglia 15%

Primitivo 40%, Negroamaro 30%, Malvasia Nera 30%

All three are native grape varieties of Puglia, with iconic flavors.

It is obviously more elegant. The fruity aroma tends to be blue fruits such as bubo and blueberry. Violet, chocolate, woody spices, etc. are all delicate and soft. The overall aroma is elegant and beautiful, not overbearing, balanced and silky.

Vivino: 4.4.

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Oprea No.3 15%

Blended of Corvina (Verona), Primitivo (Puglia), Nero d'Avola (Sicillia)

Belongs to the Collezione di Tinazzi series.

This very popular work has 13,000 ratings on Vivino alone.

The aroma is dominated by red fruits, with a lot of woody leather, sweet spices, vanilla, tobacco and other elements. The palate is full and powerful, with surging fruit, well-balanced tannins and a complete structure.

Vivino: 4.2.

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Tinazzi CA' de' ROCCHI Dugal 14%

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Belongs to CA' de' ROCCHI series.

Using two major international grape varieties, it shows the passion and vitality of Bei Yi's terroir. A large number of red fruits such as cranberries, cherries, etc., combined with barrel aging, bring out a balanced and smooth texture. The tannins are smooth, and the taste is full but not heavy. It is an everyday style with extremely high CP value.

Vivino: 4.1.

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Tinazzi Cantine San Giorgio
Sentieri Infiniti Primitivo Puglia 2021
Belongs to the San Giorgio series.
Pleasant wooden barrels, vanilla, and lively red fruits are different from yesterday's bottle. This bottle of Primitivo shows obvious grape characteristics: black plum, jam, ripe grapes, etc. The aroma is fragrant and public. The wine is full-bodied and has moderate tannins. , drank quite happily. It is obviously suitable for pairing with strong-flavored foods such as beef and mutton.
Most wines in the same price range are boring, but this bottle of Primitivo has a distinct style and a very good taste. It is recommended to let it "freshen up" a little before drinking.
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