Collection: Dassai

The origin of the name "Tayue" where the winery is located is that "there was an old river otter in the upstream village, who transformed into a child and chased it to the village." Therefore, it is called Tayue (source: underground Shangshen). From this the name of the place was named "Dassai". The word "Dasai" also means that river otters will arrange the caught fish and shellfish on the shore, just like a festival. It also extends to the situation of arranging many reference materials when writing poetry.
Speaking of the word Dassai, one would think of Masaoka Shiki, who claimed to be the "owner of Dassai Bookstore" and set off a literary revolution in Japan during the Meiji period. We use the slogan "Brew-making is to create dreams and open up a new era of Japanese sake." We do not rest on words such as tradition or handcraft, but want to create better sake through change and innovation. This is why Asahi Shuzo named the sake " The origin of "Dassai".