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Daqisheng Plum Wine 12% 720ml

Daqisheng Plum Wine 12% 720ml

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Amazing plum wine

Shengyou plum wine is the first liqueur launched by Daqi Shuzo. The brewing concept is to surpass all previous plum wines and become the pinnacle of plum wine.

The plums used in this plum wine are mainly large-grained "Nanko plums" produced in Wakayama Prefecture. The original sake is not a common white wine, but a sake brewed by the brewing method. After tasting and comparing various original sakes, Daqi finally chose Junmai Shengyou as the original plum wine. Junmai shengyu has a mellow taste, which perfectly matches the sour taste of plums, without adding too much sugar, and the plum wine is smooth and fragrant. Immediately after its launch on the market, Shengyu plum wine won the first place in the selection of liqueurs and was selected by Michelin-starred restaurants in many countries.

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