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Asahara Shuzo Shin Yuzu Liquor

Asahara Shuzo Shin Yuzu Liquor

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Asahara Brewery is located in Moro Town, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and is famous for cultivating Japan's oldest yuzu, citron, citron, since the Nara period. Moro-cho has become a famous producer of yuzu in Japan.

Xin Yuzu Liquor uses the natural juice squeezed from fresh grapefruit, the fresh and refreshing fruity aroma unique to [Osmanthus] grapefruit, and the refreshing aroma of grapefruit are present at a glance.

This product does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors. It is suitable for drinking directly, or adding ice cubes and soda water to taste better.

Capacity: 720mL

Ingredients: grapefruit, brewing alcohol, sugar

Alcohol: 8%

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