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Nismes Delclou

Armagnac Nismes Delclou 1974 40% 50cl

Armagnac Nismes Delclou 1974 40% 50cl

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The Armagnac of Duc Le Castle is brewed by the Armagnac Castarede family, the oldest winery in the Armagnac region of France. The winery was founded in 1832. .
The winery has a rich wine collection, which can almost be called an Armagnac museum. It has a rich cellar of single-year Armagnac barrels. Since the single-year Armagnac distilled in 1893, it has been liked and collected by many heads of state in history. .

Over the years, the Castarede family has not only passed down the Armagnac brewing skills, but even preserved this ancient tradition, art and heritage.
The oldest brand of the winery is Nismes Delclou. The family name Nismes and the family name Delclou of their in-laws, which are famous for their contributions to the French transportation waterway in the French calendar, will be combined as the brand name of their Armagnac. very historical.
The Castarede family also owns a Château de Maniban Armagnac, which was built in the 17th century. Surrounded by vineyards of 3 grape varieties: Ugni blanc, Colombard, Folle blanche.

Unlike the double distillation of Cognac, Armagnac is mainly a continuous distillation. Experts believe that Armagnac is more floral and fruity than Cognac, mainly due to the unique Armagnac first continuous still.
Its biggest feature is that in the whole process, the distilled alcohol is in full contact with the liquor before distillation, which is one of the most critical reasons for making Armagnac more floral and fruity than Cognac.
Aging in oak barrels softens the Armagnac's palate while adding complexity and bringing out notes of vanilla and spice.
Compared with Cognac, Armagnac has more prominent aroma and fuller body, especially young Armagnac is fuller than relatively mature Cognac.

The most typical aromas of Armagnac are floral and candied fruit, which tend to be rough and spicy in taste, and are more rustic and rustic than Cognac.
The floral and fruity fragrance of Armagnac brandy is also constantly changing, such as pear, plum, vanilla, hazelnut, walnut, etc. The fragrance changes are very clear, the entrance is round and not irritating, and the fragrance is long-lasting.
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