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Boodles British Gin 40% 70cl

Boodles British Gin 40% 70cl

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Boodles English Gin is made in the classic London Dry style, inspired by an 1845 recipe.

It started out as a pure spirit distilled from English wheat and contained an approachable blend of botanicals such as sage, rosemary and nutmeg.

The obvious omission of citrus plants results in an understated aromatic nose and taste.

All of these ingredients combine to add a mellow, herbal quality to Boodles that balances the aroma of juniper berries.

Boodles are made in the UK from British wheat, distilled using the rare Carter Head still in Cheshire, bottled in Essex and packaged in Scottish glass with the label printed in Wales.

As a classic martini, or enjoy Boodles & Tonic.
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