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Bowmore 12 yo 40% 70cl

Bowmore 12 yo 40% 70cl

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2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition - Silver Medal International Wine & Spirits Competition - Premium International Spirits Competition - Gold Medal

Bowmore is one of Scotland's oldest whiskey distilleries.

Since its establishment in 1779, it has stood on the coast of Indaal Bay on the Isle of Islay in the west of Scotland.

To this day, we still insist on using the best ancient brewing methods. Masters who have been passed down from generation to generation stir the malt manually. Only seven of the many breweries still use this method.

Then, the dry malt is smoked with peat soaked in seawater, giving the whiskey a strong ocean tide aroma; the pure and untainted Laggan River has been carefully filtered through mountain rock formations and underground peat layers, adding a bit of sweet flavor to the wine; and finally The aging process of Spanish sherry and American bourbon oak barrels allows Bowmore whiskey to be perfectly nurtured in the long sleep of the mysterious No. 1 cellar below sea level.

As Bowmore winemaking has won numerous awards in international competitions over the years, it can be said to be a consistent winner in major wine show competitions.

In 1995, it won the "Best Distillery of the Year" award at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC); in 1997, it was selected as a five-star single malt Scotch whiskey distillery by the British Scottish Malt Distillery Evaluation Organization; In 1996, 1997 and 1998, it won the "British Outstanding Export Manufacturer Award" from the Queen of England for three consecutive years.

Appearance: Amber

Aroma: The smell has a hint of lemon and honey from Islay, tightly surrounded by the unique smoky flavor of Bowmore

Taste: Smoky taste with dark chocolate and peat

Finish: Subtle and long aftertaste

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