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Chateau Cissac

Chateau Cissac Haut - Medoc 2018 750ml

Chateau Cissac Haut - Medoc 2018 750ml

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"Château Cissac 2018"

Château Cissac was founded in 1895 and is located in the center of Haut-Medoc, near Saint-Estepher and Pauillac. It is owned by the Vialard family. It was listed as a "Cru Grand Bourgeois Exceptionnel" in the 1978 Bourgeois Classification List. The designated wine for the Golden Wedding Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in 1997 was Château Cissac 1986.

Château Cissac is also a commonly used wine list on airlines such as Singapore Airlines, German Airlines, Japan Airlines, and British Airways.
Alcohol concentration: 13% Grape varieties: 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 5% Petit Verdot

The current practice of Château Cissac is late harvest, coupled with careful manual selection of grains, and aging in French oak barrels for 18-24 months, which has the ability to age. It is recommended that the best tasting time is to decan for half an hour to one hour. . After opening the bottle, there is a very strong berry aroma. Waiting for the sobering stage, the aroma of cherry and black currant is more obvious. The fruit aroma style is very mature, the color of the wine is very beautiful, the fruit aroma after the entrance is more mellow, with a little chocolate and Vanilla flavor, good tannin performance, smooth sourness, and an elegant and refreshing finish.
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