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Classic Whiskey Set 4 Bottles (Free Delivery)

Classic Whiskey Set 4 Bottles (Free Delivery)

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Tullamore DEW
Bushmill Blackbush
Smokin' - The Gentleman's Dram
Scottish Glory

[Set of four] Classic combination $685
A collection of various high-quality whiskeys for everyone to try different flavors. This Package includes bourbon, pear, smoked and basic classic wines for making various whiskey cocktails. Each has its own characteristics and the price is extremely discounted. Don’t miss it!

Tullamore DEW is the world's second largest Irish whiskey brand, with global sales of more than 1 million cases each year. Known around the world for its smooth taste, it is triple distilled, blending all three elements of Irish whiskey - grain, malt and pot still. The sweet, soft mouthfeel of the grain whiskey, the light aroma of the pot still and the fruitiness of the malt create the unique flavor that makes Tullamore
DEW stands out from all other Irish whiskeys.

The malt whiskey content of Bushmill Blackbush is very high (in Oloroso Sherry
Malt whiskey aged 8 to 9 years accounts for 80% of the casks). In addition to the malt whiskey produced in-house, two grain whiskeys are also added to the product. One of the grain whiskeys has a hint of malt and butterscotch aroma. Such a special taste is deeply loved by consumers, and Black Bush has lived up to everyone's expectations and has repeatedly won awards in major competitions.

A small-batch blend from the Smokin Gentlemen, creating a modern blended whiskey that pays homage to the legendary old, rich, smoky blends of the past. Whiskey like ever! Smokin' - The Gentleman's Dram contains smoked whiskeys from distilleries across Scotland, no longer bound by regional definitions. Master Blender
Perfectly balancing the rich peat smoke now produced by Scotland's mainland distilleries, it complements the smooth notes of toffee and vanilla from the grain whiskey and fresh bourbon casks. Known for its rich flavor and uncompromising character, it's a mellow experience.

Scottish Glory This popular Scotch whiskey is distilled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and blended according to recipes passed down through generations. A premium whiskey with broad appeal. It's delicious as is, on rock, or as a HIGHBALL; a truly versatile drink that brings pleasure to a variety of occasions.

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