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Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor Smokin' 40% 70cl

Duncan Taylor Smokin' 40% 70cl

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A gentleman's drink

Blended in small batches, Duncan Taylor uses peated malts from across Scotland to create a modern blended whiskey that pays homage to the legendary old, heavily smoky blends of the past. Whiskey like ever!

Smokin' - The Gentleman's Dram contains smoked whiskeys from distilleries across Scotland, no longer bound by regional definitions. Master Blender perfectly balances the rich peat smoke now produced by Scotland's mainland distilleries, and complements the smooth aromas of toffee and vanilla from the grain whiskey and fresh bourbon casks.

Known for its bold flavor and uncompromising personality, Smokin' – The Gentleman's Dram is a full-bodied experience.

Color: light gold

Nose: Peat smoke, citrus spice and lemon zest, followed by caramel, toasted oak and clotted cream. Vanilla and sandalwood finish.

Palate: Smoky notes of fresh cream, buttery biscuits and toffee. Tobacco and leather.

Finish: Clean, dry, malty.
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