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Glenmorange a tale of Tokyo Limited Edition 46% 700ml

Glenmorange a tale of Tokyo Limited Edition 46% 700ml

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#Japanese Mizunara Oak
Combining bright, bold flavors with soft sweetness, Glenmorangie Tokyo Story is a Highland single malt Scotch whiskey that is as full of delicious sensory contrasts as Tokyo itself.

Dr. Bill was inspired to capture the multi-sensory dimension of the Tokyo experience and experimented with rare Japanese Mizunara oak casks for the first time, combining Glenmorangie whiskey aged in Mizunara oak casks with those aged in sherry and bourbon casks. Aged whiskeys combine to create a unique whiskey. The limited edition is perfectly balanced with Glenmorangie's brand style.

This whiskey combines notes of pepper, chokecherry, mouth-watering orange peel, incense and sweet oak – a recipe of Mizunara oak, bourbon and sherry casks resulting in a unique and complex flavor profile.

Bottling series
Limited Edition
barrel type
Mizunara, Bourbon, & Sherry
Alcohol content
46.0 % Vol.
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