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Guido Berlucchi

Guido Berlucchi '61 Franciacorta Rosé

Guido Berlucchi '61 Franciacorta Rosé

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Vivino : 3.8

Ripeness is assembled in the spring after harvest. Reserve Wine Reserve 5% consists of previous year cuvée aged for one year in stainless steel tanks. A second fermentation in the bottle and maturation on it for at least 24 months, followed by a further 2 months after de-slagging.

Appearance: Soft foam mousse with durable cordon around glass; nice, lingering beads.

Color: Dark pink due to different ripeness of phenolic compounds in Pinot Noir, varies from year to year.

Aroma: Elegant notes of wild berries and ripe fruit, blending beautifully with nuances of yeast and crusty bread. During the brewing process, Pinot Noir undergoes a brief maceration on the peel, resulting in an intoxicating, warm quality.

Palate: Refined and elegant, with excellent acidity and full body. The medium to high sugar content balances the acidity well.

Pairing: Perfect as an aperitif, it also pairs well with a variety of cold meats and charcuterie, full-flavoured first courses and fully mature cheeses. Pairing with shellfish enhances its impressive structure.

Drinking temperature: 6 - 8 °C

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