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Hazelburn 10 46% 70cl

Hazelburn 10 46% 70cl

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First released in 2014, it was Hazelburn's first bottling when he was 10 years old.

Hazelburn is Springbank's triple-distilled, peat-free single malt whisky.

Aroma: The initial allure of Manuka honeycomb, vanilla and fudge fades away to reveal braised pears, baked apples, crumbled noodles and nougat.

Palate: Triple distillation ensures this is a smooth and elegant wine, with bourbon maturation providing rich vanilla and milk chocolate flavors, as well as refreshing honey and fruity aromas.

Finish: Delicate milk chocolate and creamy finish that fades gently, giving you plenty of time to refill your glass and repeat.

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