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Highland Park

Highland Park 12 yo 40% 70cl

Highland Park 12 yo 40% 70cl

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With pure water from Clantyt and Orkney's unique peat, it is the key to understanding and tasting Highland Knight Whiskey.

Adhere to the traditional time-consuming "hand turning malt" process. During this period, the malt must be turned regularly to avoid overheating or tangles caused by interlaced small buds. We insist on using rarer local surface peat and incorporating it into the malt. Natural heather honey aroma, and insists on using more expensive sherry oak barrels.
Appearance: golden amber

Aroma: Heather honey, light peat smoke flavor

Taste: Complete wheat aroma, mellow light smoked sweetness

Finish: Heather honey aroma surrounded by light smoky wheat flavor

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