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Jané Ventura

Jané Ventura Do Gran Reserva 2014

Jané Ventura Do Gran Reserva 2014

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Vivino : 4.1


Fermentation for 6 weeks at 15ºC.
Twice as long as the usual Champagne or Reserva Cava (Over 30 months),
It is definitely a work of sincerity. In addition to using the traditional "champagne brewing method", it is also an Organic (organic farming) 2014 Cava.

This recommended Cava has an aging time of Over 30 months, while the general Reserve series only needs to be aged for 15 months, which is almost double the aging time. From culturing, shaking the bottle, especially the secondary fermentation in the bottle and shaking the bottle in the later stage, the cellar workers will shake the bottle with half hands every day, so that the wine dregs slowly sink to the neck of the bottle, and then use the machine to remove the dregs and put the cork into the bottle. , reduce the consumption of liquor.

Tasting notes lemon yellow. Aged aromas such as pastry, lemon cream and even toast blend beautifully with aromas of ripe white fruit.
Accompanied by freshness and a good carbon feel. Huge development potential. It is a faithful reflection of a fresh vintage.

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