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JUNG ONE 정원Korean Single Malt Gin 47% 70cl

JUNG ONE 정원Korean Single Malt Gin 47% 70cl

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정원Jung One means "garden" in Korean. This gin is made from a variety of local Korean mountain herbs. Jung One can make you feel like you are in a fragrant garden.

Korea's first single malt distillery is full of rich aromas of barley and fresh herbs, elegant and fragrant.

Palate : Full-bodied and full-bodied with barley aromas, citrus notes of lemon and orange with a hint of spiciness.

Various mountain herbs with Korean characteristics, such as perilla leaves, Korean chili peppers, ginseng, and hand-picked pine leaves, are specially added to Jung One Gum, adding a signature taste, elegant and delicate aroma and aroma to Jung One Gin. Perfectly balanced rich taste.

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