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Mars Tsunuki Single Malt Whiskey Tsunuki 2022 Edition 50% 70cl

Mars Tsunuki Single Malt Whiskey Tsunuki 2022 Edition 50% 70cl

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As the second distillery of MARS Shuzo, Kagoshima is the birthplace of Honbo Shuzo. As the southernmost whiskey distillery in Japan, the distillery is located in the green countryside southwest of the Satsuma Peninsula, but it is located in the Tsugan area of ​​the basin. The distillery has a northwest wind in winter, which is sometimes cold and often covered with snow, and a hot and humid climate in summer. Unlike the cool climate of the Shinshu Distillery, which is located at an altitude of 798 meters, the Tsunuki Distillery has a warm climate, located at the southernmost tip of Japan, with an altitude of only 60 meters, so it is expected to produce more powerful and rich whiskey.

In November 2016, Mars Tsunuki Distillery was established in Kaseda, Minamissuma City, Shikago Island, Prefecture, where Honbo Shuzo Brewery has been located. Mars Tsunuki Distillery has been in Tsunuki for more than 140 years. The water source of Tsunuki Distillery is The high-quality natural flowing water from Mount Zudo is located in the basin terrain. The summers are hot and the winters are extremely cold. The new wine after distillation in 2017/18, most of the original wine was matured in bourbon barrels, and a small amount of other wines were produced. Barrel-type raw liquor, all raw liquor is matured in the Jinguan stone bottle storage cellar. Before bottling in 2021, the distillery's distiller carefully tastes and checks each barrel of whiskey at every step.

Nose: gorgeous, ripe, sweet fruit aroma, baked candy taste: acidity of passion fruit, chocolate finish: lingering sweetness of bourbon barrel

Origin: Japan Distillery: Shinshu Distillery-Tsinuki Style: Single Malt Whiskey Barrel Type: Bourbon Barrel
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