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Masahiro Pure Malt Whisky 43% 70cl

Masahiro Pure Malt Whisky 43% 70cl

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As early as 1883, the Higa family received a brewing license from the Ryukyu Dynasty. The first generation Shobun Higa founded Shoguang Shuzo in a village near Shuri's palace and began brewing traditional Ryukyu traditional spirits (Awamori). The founder's father, Shozoku Higa, was originally the chief chef of the Ryukyu Dynasty and was well-known in the food industry. His skills and passion for delicacies have been inherited and used in the century-old brewing concept.

Masahiro Brewery is the first ancient and advanced brewery in Okinawa to obtain ISO9001 certification. The brewery has a beautiful environment and is one of the traditional Okinawan brewery attractions that tourists must visit. The new generation brings forth the new every year. The 8th generation Masayasu Higa successfully launched the first craft Okinawa gin in 2018 and entered the craft whiskey industry, determined to establish the leading Japanese whiskey brand in the world of whiskey.

The original single malt whiskey is made from local old sherry barrels and bourbon barrels that are more than 3 years old, and matured in Jack Daniel's 1st Fill bourbon barrels (first fill) for more than half a year. Since Okinawa is blessed with the right time and place for whiskey to mature quickly, The long-term hot and humid climate and the subtropical ocean monsoon accelerate the maturation and flavor blending of whiskey. Changguang whiskey has the aroma of tropical fruits, a round and rich taste, and excellent over-age performance.

Bronze Medal (2022 WWA World Whiskey Awards)
Gold Medal (2021 SFWSC San Francisco World Spirits Competition)

Aroma: Fruit aromas such as citrus, pineapple, banana, etc., followed by a vanilla ice cream flavor with a strong and mellow sweetness. It is sweet and balanced. Once the bottle cap is opened, the aroma overflows.

Taste: The wine is light and thin, with a malty texture and a slightly irritating flavor of ginger juice and white wood.

Finish: Short and sweet, with a spicy finish.

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