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Peated Whiskey Tasting Event 30-06-2023

Peated Whiskey Tasting Event 30-06-2023

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Peated Whiskey Tasting
Time: 30/06/2023 18:30-19:30
Location: Room D, 8/F, Schindler Industrial Building, 114 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong

Peat means "peat" in Chinese, which gives whiskey a unique and strong flavor.

Weird adjectives such as cigarette ashes, campfire, and iodine may deter some novice friends from buying a large bottle rashly. If they don't like it, they may have to put it away. Rather, the tasting party just satisfies everyone’s curiosity. It’s cheap and allows you to taste a variety of peat-style whiskeys.

Friends who are already peat lovers don’t have to worry about being boring, because all the styles are not common in the market, including regular drink, original wine, blended, single malt, and even bottlings made more than ten years ago.

Come and experience the unique charm of peat.

1) SHINOBU Pure Malt Lightly Peated Mizunara Oak Finish 43%
2) Blackbull Peated Cask Blended Whiskey 50%
3) Glasgow 1770 Peated Single Malt 46%
4) Wolfburn 7 Years Cask Strength 58.2%
5) Bruichladdich "PEAT" Islay Single Malt 46%

How to participate: Purchase a $150 shopping voucher online

Although some light snacks will be provided on site, it is still recommended that participants eat something to fill their stomachs first.

Those who participate are requested to attend on time. Latecomers will not be asked to wait. In case of absence, the shopping voucher fee will not be refunded. In case of any dispute, Yisheng Wine reserves the right of final decision.
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