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Quinta dos Avidagos Lote 138 Tinto 2017

Quinta dos Avidagos Lote 138 Tinto 2017

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Winery: Avidagos

Origin: Portugal

Grape varieties: 50% domestic Doriga and the other three varieties, Luo Lihong, Barocca, Doriga Franca, average 20-year-old grape fruit

Year: 2017

Alcohol concentration: 13.50%

Made from local high-quality grapes, including Portugal's national treasure grape "Dorriga", a dry red with rich and complex taste, delicate and soft tannins, and ideal balance, Lote138 has been rated by the world's authoritative scoring agency Decanter as 90 points high score, it is worth recommending.

50% use domestic Doriga, this grape mainly produces the best port wine; the remaining ingredients include Luo Lihong, domestic Franca and other grapes, with a strong taste and sufficient fruity taste.

The grapes are harvested by hand to ensure the freshness and integrity of the grapes; the grapes are removed and the juice is squeezed by cold pressing technology, and the grapes are brewed in stainless steel barrels cleaned every day for at least 12 months.

Fruity sweetness and acidity balance, thick and fine tannins, smooth and smooth, full of tropical fruit flavors, with strawberry, black currant, blueberry, cherry, walnut, violet, pine, clove, caramel, coffee, black Chocolate and smoky flavors.

A temperature of 15-18 degrees is recommended, and the tasting begins after 15 minutes of decanting.
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