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Rokeby’s Half Crown

Rokeby's Half Crown Gin 40.6% 70cl

Rokeby's Half Crown Gin 40.6% 70cl

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Uncover the unique properties of Half Crown Gin – a unique quencher that rewards the more adventurous with bold flavours and gloriously good value.

The Half Crown Gin is named in celebration of eccentric British counterpart Lord Lockerbie, whose favourite tip is the Half Crown coin.

This is a unique handcrafted wine that energizes the taste buds with a unique style.

Rosin, evergreen juniper and a unique blend of fresh citrus and aromatic herbs complement each other.

Warm spice flavours combine to produce a delightful London Dry Gin.

Try it in an unconventional way with your favorite tonic and licorice bars, or discover how its flavor enriches many classic cocktails.

Half Crown Gin has a strong aroma of juniper with herbal spice and pleasant citrus notes.

The flavor starts with juniper and combines with warm spice and hearty cilantro for a classic dry finish.

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