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Sakurao Gin 47% 70cl

Sakurao Gin 47% 70cl

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It does feature 9 plants from Japan - many of which are unusual native citrus fruits not found in other products.

With one sip, the Sakura Tail Gin exudes quite a bit of citrus.

Oranges and limes come early. Rosin and slightly resinous juniper are in the middle of the palate. The ending is pretty warm. Fruity aromas of sweet lemon and mandarin hit the surface. From the corners, there is a mild earthy smell.

Sakurao Gin has a hint of coriander, but mostly juniper, with citrus taking up the space and adding color.

Although there are times when the palate is citrusy, juniper really remains a mainstay.

Even if you read their list of plants on the Sakurao Distillery website and don't notice juniper berries, I guarantee you can't go wrong here.

Good thing for vintage-style gin lovers though, right?

Towards the end, a touch of green tea adds some depth and color.

There is also a hint of ginger in the aftertaste. This is a long process.

I describe it as one of the longer finishes I've had in gin in a few years.

The viscosity of the base wine remains for quite some time after your first sip.

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