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Duncan Taylor

Scottish Glory Blended Whisky 40% 70cl

Scottish Glory Blended Whisky 40% 70cl

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Given that Scotland can usually offer you four seasons in one day, our Four Seasons wines will suit most everyone's tastes, whatever the weather.
This popular blended Scotch whiskey is distilled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and blended according to recipes passed down through generations.
Scottish Glory is a premium whiskey with broad appeal. Serve straight with water, a dash of soda or stirrer over ice; a truly versatile drink that delights a variety of occasions.

Color: light gold.
Peaches and cream, with water, more floral and fruity notes emerge; citrus, grapefruit and heather honey.
Taste: Light and fresh, with notes of cardamom and cinnamon. Soft and creamy.
Medium length. The initial sweetness softens and becomes milder.

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