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Shinobu Pure Malt 10yo Lightly Peated Mizunara Oak Finish 43% 70cl

Shinobu Pure Malt 10yo Lightly Peated Mizunara Oak Finish 43% 70cl

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The Ninja Whisky Distillery is located in Niigata Prefecture, on the west coast of Japan. This place has always been known for its three white treasures: "Snowfall", "White Rice" and "Sake". The Ninja Malt Whisky series was born in this environment.

Master distiller Usami Ken blends the original malt whisky in the spirit of Japanese craftsmen, and ages it for more than 10 years in small oak barrels of sherry and bourbon, and finally in Japan's precious Mizunaraki barrels Years, so that after the whisky original wine is matured, it can show a more delicate and mellow body. This Ninja 10 young peated single malt whisky is made with the top-quality peated whisky in the brewing process, so that the sweet and mellow malt whisky presents a more complex and gorgeous aroma and rich layering. The fruity aromas of apples and pears bring out the spice, and the sea salty, creamy and smoky notes of the peat malt base wine make the wine delicate and elegant, taking the flavor of Ninja single malt whisky to another level. In order to pursue the limit of flavor and the complexity of aroma, the whole series of Ninja pure malt whisky adopts non-cold filtration method, and no caramel coloring is added in the whole process of distillation, so that the wine aroma can be completely preserved.

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