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Springbank 10 yo Local Barley 51.6% 70cl

Springbank 10 yo Local Barley 51.6% 70cl

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Farm: Glencraigs, by Campbeltown
Barley Variety: Belgravia
100% Bourbon
15,000 Bottles Worldwide

Aroma: Delicate aromas kick off this wine, with hints of digestive biscuits and grains reminiscent of a malt barn. The bourbon influence is reflected in the flavors of vanilla custard and custard. Fruity, cherry flavours develop over time.

Palate: Vanilla on the nose develops into a sweet and creamy Victoria Sponge on the palate. Tastes like honey and syrup, balanced with fresh barley water.

Finish: The finish is light and sweet, with a hint of salted caramel that completes this wine. AAAA

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