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Talisker Wilder Seas 48.6% 70cl

Talisker Wilder Seas 48.6% 70cl

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Talisker x Parley "Wilder Seas" is the first single malt Scotch whiskey matured in French XO Cognac oak casks. It has a pleasant, layered taste that perfectly combines the characteristics of the cask with the spirit, making it mature and rounded.

Authentic Flavor - Matured in ex-Cognac French oak barrels, a first for Talisker, ocean aromas and rich spices collide in waves, with rich fruity sweetness and rich complexity rising from the deep smoky depths, Represents a brilliant sunrise and a new day.

Whiskey Mission - Talisker partners with Parley for the Oceans to transform over 100 million square meters of ocean forest. With this limited edition Talisker "Wild Ocean", every bottle purchased represents a donation of £3 to the common cause of protecting our oceans.

According to Hong Kong law, intoxicating liquor is not allowed to be sold or supplied to minors in the course of business.
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