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Duncan Taylor

Tik Ka From East Collection - Dalmunach 2016 3 yo 55% 70cl

Tik Ka From East Collection - Dalmunach 2016 3 yo 55% 70cl

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"God - Garuda": Dalmunach 2016 3 Years 55% 700ml

The liquor giant Pernod Ricard demolished the old Imperial Distillery in 2013 and built the Dalmunach Distillery on its original site. It was completed and put into production in 2014. It is a new distillery with both environmental protection and aesthetic design.

"Dapeng Garuda" is called "Garula", a giant bird in Indian mythology, the mount of Vishnu. In Buddhism, it is one of the eight parts of Tianlong. Most of them appear in the image of half-man and half-bird, representing strength and feeding on poisonous snakes. Thailand even uses its image as a national emblem. Taking this as a wine label, it means that after the evil forces are disintegrated, the divine bird devours all poisonous snakes to eliminate harm for the people. Lead the world to break the old and establish the new, establish a new order, and bring a new vision of glory and prosperity.

Smell: A touch of citrus, fudge, pollen, sweet cream, oily texture, oak at the end.

Palate: Sweet malt, sour bread, batter, white wood.

Aftertaste: wheat, toast, pepper, ginger and other spices, long woody aroma.

Comment: Young but quite pleasant taste, playful.
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