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TikKa From East Collection Whisky set a set of three bottles

TikKa From East Collection Whisky set a set of three bottles

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Hong Kong painter Tik ka from East combines Chinese and Western styles. The three works exhibited in global exhibitions are based on the themes of Taoism, God, and Man. He integrates his artistic works into a set of three whiskey series for you to savor:

"Tao - Five Paths Immortal": Miltonduff 2009 11 years 54.2% 700ml $711

Miltonduff Distillery is located in Speyside and was built in 1824 on the site of an old mill of a monastery called Pluscarden. Pluscarden Abbey fell into ruins at the beginning of the 17th century. It was restored in 1948 and is now the only medieval monastery still inhabited by monks.

The "Five Paths Immortal" fits the story of the winery perfectly. His image is solemn and majestic. He refers to the world by the "Five Paths". Those who are good will achieve enlightenment, and those who do evil will go to hell. He uses "talismans" to suppress evil spirits and expel devils.

Nose: raisins and berry jam, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, mature oak, with a touch of grass and mint brought out by adding water.

Taste: Obvious sherry barrel influence, ebony plum, raisins, black vinegar, sweet oak, cinnamon and other spices.

Finish: sweet oak, ripe and long, with a hint of sweet spice.

Comment: The main tone of oak makes the wine feel mature, thick and rich in taste, with high maturity.


"God-Garuda": Dalmunach 2016 3 years 55% 700ml $511

Liquor giant Pernod Ricard demolished the old Imperial Distillery in 2013 and built the Dalmunach Distillery on its original site. It was completed and put into production in 2014. It is a new distillery with both environmental protection and beautiful design.

"Garuda" is named "Garuda", a giant bird in Indian mythology and the mount of Vishnu. In Buddhism, it is one of the eight classes of heavenly dragons. They often appear as half-human and half-bird, representing strength and feeding on poisonous snakes. Thailand even uses its image as its national emblem. This is used as the label of the wine, which means that after the evil power is disintegrated, the divine bird swallows all the poisonous snakes and eliminates harm for the people. Lead the world to destroy the old and establish the new, establish a new order, and bring about a new scene of glory and prosperity.

Nose: A touch of citrus, fudge, pollen, sweet cream, oily texture, oak appearing at the end.

Taste: sweet malt, sourdough bread, wheat bran paste, white wood.

Aftertaste: wheat aroma, toasted bread, pepper, ginger and other spices, long woody aroma.

Comment: Young but quite pleasant taste, unique and interesting.


"Man - God will conquer the demon" Drumblade 2008 11 years 54.2% 700ml $711

Drumblade is the Blended Malt of Ailsa Bay. Ailsa Bay is located in Lowland and is named after facing Ailsa Craig, an island that means "Fairy Rock".

The island has a steep terrain, and a unique granite on the island called "Blue Hone" is used as the raw material for making curling stones. During the Scottish Reformation in the 16th century, Catholics took refuge here, but it is now uninhabited. The island is now a bird sanctuary. During the breeding season, a large number of gannets migrate here from all over the country to build nests, lay eggs and raise their young. In "The God General Conquers the Demons", the God will appear in the form of a birdman and fight against many small monsters. Although there are many monsters, evil can never defeat the good, and the army will be defeated like a mountain. The God General will fight bravely, subdue the monsters, and restore peace to the world. And Yijing.

Smell: Cream, orange peel, black tea, soft plum aroma, wood, spices.

Taste: citrus jam, raisins, plums, sweet and smooth.

Finish: dark chocolate, soft delicious sweet spice, oak.

Comment: The overall balance is gentle, meticulous and approachable.

#Limited Edition# Highly collectible

Tik Ka From East Collection Whiskey set | Hong Kong exclusive

Hong Kong artist Tikka from East's demonstrates his signature East meets West styles in this collection whiskey set. With the themes of Tao, God, and man, the artist incorporates his 3 art pieces into this exclusive collection, allowing you to savor the implicit charm.
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