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Tobermory 2008 Single Cask + Wolfburn Year of Tiger 2022 Limited Release

Tobermory 2008 Single Cask + Wolfburn Year of Tiger 2022 Limited Release

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Tobermory 2008 11 Years Octave Cask Finish 54.3% 70cl
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Over the years, Duncan Taylor has experimented with using different sized casks to age single malt Scotch whisky. The research stems from a simple premise: The wood and spirit interact more in a smaller barrel in a shorter time than in a larger barrel, allowing the wood, air and alcohol to fuse more quickly.

The spirit produced by this maturation method becomes smoother, more balanced and full of character, the taste changes dramatically and becomes similar to a more mature whisky, it is polished, bright, sparkling and more powerful.

The Octave [8 parts per barrel] series was born from this process. It is only one hundredth of the size of a normal wine barrel. There are only 78 bottles of this product.

The aroma of this wine is that of milk chocolate, slightly metallic, a hint of smoke, some dark fruits, and the cocoa becomes more and more prominent.

The flavor is slightly oily, with notes of dark (dried) fruit, maple syrup, and again cocoa. It becomes softer with the addition of water.

The finish is quite long, mild, and sweet like cake, milk candy, chocolate.

Aged in oak barrels for 11 years
Bucket number: 1625495
Octave bucket month: 6
Limited edition: 78 bottles
Year distilled: 2008
Year of bottling: 2020

Distilled at Tobemory Distillery and bottled by Duncan Taylor Smith Ltd

Wolfburn 2022 Year of Tiger Limited Edition 46% 70cl Original price $660

This lightly peated whiskey is made from barley malt and infused with peat during the drying process. The aroma of the smoke reflects Wolfburn's history - the original 19th century distillery was primarily peat fired. After gentle distillation, the result is a beautifully smooth, round whiskey.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Initially smoky, with hints of fruit and fresh sea air, accompanied by vanilla and oak shavings.

Palate: Floral, followed by raisins and light spice, with malt flavors developing in the mouth and a soft honey sweetness on the finish.
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