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Togouchi Blended IPA 40% 70cl

Togouchi Blended IPA 40% 70cl

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The oak barrels used to age this whisky come from the Caribbean island of Martinique.

The 10-year-old rum oak barrels are used to fill IPA beer and then put into Tohanoi whisky for aging.
IPA, or "India Pale Ales", is a very famous craft beer that was first produced for the British Indian colonies.
In order to facilitate long-distance sea transportation, the alcohol content of IPA was very high, and a lot of hops were also added.
This beer usually has grapefruit, pineapple and pine flavors, and the floral aroma is especially strong.

Aroma: Aromas of honey, vanilla, hops, wood-baked apples.
Palate: Elegant sweetness of honey and vanilla with a hint of refreshing and pleasant hop bitterness.
Finish: The sweet scent is long and lasting.
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