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Twisted River

Twisted River Riesling BIN 168

Twisted River Riesling BIN 168

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Twisted River was a pioneer in the Riesling category, debuting in 1998, offering eye-catching colorful graphics and simple variety labels.
Like the original packaging, the BIN number shows details about the wine itself, with the first two digits indicating the level of residual sweetness and the last indicating the level of acidity.

Crisp apple and tart peach flavors with a pleasant finish. Pleasantly dry while still providing excellent fruit.
Aromas of yellow peach, crisp green apple and pear come together to create this delightful wine.
Lively acidity adds structure and helps maintain excellent balance through a light and bright finish.
Served chilled (10°C/50°F), this wine is extremely versatile - ideal as an aperitif or paired with many light meals, including grilled seafood, poultry and mild cheeses.

Origin: Germany Germany
Type: Liquor
Breed: Riesling
Alcohol content: 11%
Capacity: 750ml
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