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Wemyss Spice King Highland & Islay 12 years 52% 70cl

Wemyss Spice King Highland & Islay 12 years 52% 70cl

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Spice King Limited Edition, named after its complex, oily and herbal smoky spci malt whiskey

- 5000 bottles only.
ABV 52% alcohol by volume
Spice King Highland & Islay explores the romance between spicy and citrus; lemon cake and custard complement peppered dough and lavender smoke.

The initial aroma is candy-sweet, with hints of frosting, strawberries and foamy candy. Oatmeal cake, creme biscuit and oak shavings add complex depth to the aroma, with plenty of lemon cake.

The taste is sweet yet tart with a citrus flavor that leaves a lemony taste in the mouth. Malty and peppery, doughy notes, elegant burnt herbs of lavender, rosemary and thyme add a complex smokiness, finishing with white pepper and herbal smoke spice

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